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What is APU on a Semi Truck?

Has your fleet turned to auxiliary power units (APUs) to help combat anti-idling laws across the U.S.? Whether you are looking to help power heating and air conditioning systems for sleeper cabs or lights for a night time project an APU may be the answer. Installing and finding the right APU can be daunting – but we are here to help. You can learn more about APUs and what may be right for your needs and truck with International Used Truck Centers.

Different APU Types

The current APU market is divided into two types which include combustion-power and all-electric. Determining which type of APU is best for your model depends on your truck’s application.

Combustion-Power APUs

  • Fueled by diesel but some can run on alternative fuel sources
  • Unlimited power to heat and cool as long as there is fuel in the APU
  • Ideal for long haul situations

All-Electric APUs

  • Battery charged
  • Limited noise
  • Limited power – though new technology is helping expand this
  • Ideal for shorter trips

Not only do the different APU types offer different benefits – but you have to be sure that the APU chosen fits within your fleet or truck’s chassis. When looking to get an APU fitted you should consult with your APU provider to find the best fit.

APU Maintenance

A combustion-power APU will require more maintenance than an all-electric APU, but maintenance on either is still important. Any combustion-power APU will need to have oil changes and fuel filters reviewed regularly, whereas an electric APU will need to have just a general connection review and a battery replacement within its lifespan.

If your model is fitted with an APU be sure to schedule proper maintenance for it alongside your regular recommended maintenance appointments!

Learn More With International Used Truck Centers!

Finding the right APU for your model and task needs is the best way to determine whether the fuel operated or battery operated option is best for you. If you are looking for additional maintenance tips or truck driver tips, International Used Truck Centers has you covered! If you are looking for a new fleet or truck model to fit an APU you can contact us or review our inventory online.

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