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Top 5 XM Radio Stations & Podcasts for Truckers

For truckers, tight schedules and time-sensitive deliveries mean there’s little time to waste when it comes to selecting listening material. Whether you’re partial to talk radio, news, or a music stream that never misses a beat, hitting play on your favorites can turn those long hours into a real pleasure.

With the advent of XM radio channels and long-running podcasts, no trucker needs to worry about packing enough CDs or syncing an MP3 player. Even better, it’s easy to find similar programs when you do run out of content. Check out this shortlist of our favorite XM radio stations and podcasts for truckers:

1. Trucker Tom Podcast

Longtime trucker, Thomas R. Wiles, covers an incredible range of topics, including new events, spirituality, social issues, movies, and philosophy. We really like this podcast because of the way Tom makes it smart as well as entertaining. He delivers every episode with a mellow charm that’s a pleasure to listen to as you drive. Catch up on this prolific creator’s 2000+ episodes!

2. Ask the Trucker LIVE

Blog Talk Radio’s Ask the Trucker podcast is the premier trucking talk show, with an online radio program that’s grown to a listening audience of thousands since its humble start in 2008. Ask the Trucker is hosted by Aubrey Allen Smith, a 37-year veteran of the industry with 4 million safe miles. Smith is joined by partner and co-host, Donna Smith, and their trucking knowledge provides new drivers a valuable look into the trucking industry.

3. Road Dog Trucking Radio

Tune into Road Dog Trucking Radio any hour of the day on SiriusXM channel 146. You’ll enjoy a variety of subjects that impact the trucking community, from politics and economics to social issues and news. With a subscription to the channel, you’ll get all the content and programs heard on XM Radio’s Open Road. Get the trucking insider perspective with popular voices, including Dave Nemo, KC Phillips, and Mark Willis.

4. Land Line Now

Land Line Now is produced by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). Content is aimed exclusively at the professional driver, and provides important industry news and information helpful to any driver or small operator. OOIDA is dedicated to boosting awareness about current legislation, trucking regulations, new products and services, and common interest in the professional trucking community.

5. Trucking Business and Beyond

This SiriusXM station looks at the business side of trucking, whether you’re a small business operator or a full-time trucker. Call in with your questions about your truck, money, fuel mileage, maintenance, tires, taxes, technology, finding freight, working with brokers, getting your authority — or anything else that relates to the trucking profession!

Explore Trucking Resources with International Used Truck Centers

You’ll find timely trucking maintenance info at our Driver’s Corner, like how to prepare your truck for winter. When it comes to life on the road, our site is full of resources like getting exercise on the road and how to boost your music and podcast experience with audio systems for cheap. Give us a call today if you’re curious about the great value you can get in a used truck!

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