DriverFirst™ Philosophy

When you opt for an International semi-truck, you can expect it to be dependable enough for all of your travels. Likewise, our International trucks provide an immense amount of versatility and performance, making them ideal for small and large jobs. With so much to offer, it’s clear that adding an International truck to your fleet is a good idea.

However, what really makes our International semi-trucks and commercial vehicles really stand out from rivals is the DriverFirst™ philosophy. DriverFirst™ allows drivers like you, to actually enjoy spending time behind the wheel of an International semi-truck or commercial vehicle. Learn more about the DriverFirst™ philosophy today with the experts from International Used Truck Centers!

Who We Are at International Trucks

So, what is DriverFirst™? DriverFirst™ is a philosophy that the professionals at International are implementing into International trucks. This includes changes to ergonomics, safety, comfort, and more, that’ll allow drivers to be able to spend more uptime when driving an International truck. Here’s what the experts from International trucks have to say about DriverFirst™:

Denny Mooney

Denny Mooney – Senior Vice President of Global Product Development

“DriverFirst is all about making our trucks the trucks drivers ‘want’ to drive. It’s reliability, placement of controls, comfort, ease of use, and a great quiet ride that’s fun to drive.”

Steve Gilligan

Steve Gilligan – Vice President, Product Marketing

“DriverFirst is all about making our trucks the trucks drivers ‘want’ to drive. It’s reliability, placement of controls, comfort, ease of use, and a great quiet ride that’s fun to drive.”

Sandeep Premkumar

Sandeep Premkumar – Ergonomics and Driver Accommodation

“DriverFirst is about improving productivity, efficiency and comfort by fitting the truck to the driver. It’s what we call a user-centric approach to product development. We design trucks that drivers want to drive by better understanding the different types of drivers, their capabilities and preferences.”

Chris Ito

Chris Ito – Director, Industrial Design


“DriverFirst is being proactive and innovative to address the changing requirements of our marketplace and to consistently provide our customers with the best product solutions to address uptime, safety and driver retention.”

We’re Listening To Driver Feedback

It’s one thing to innovate with DriverFirst™, but it’s another to actually listen to the needs of real drivers like you. When you climb into the driver’s seat of an International truck, you can rest assured that every feature and innovation was a result of feedback from real-time drivers. Some of the feedback the team at International received include:

  • “Chart your trip ahead of time, and try to stay in a rest stop over a truck stop. They’re easier to pull in and out of so there’s much less chance of an accident.” – Jeff Bauer, Owner-Operator
  • “The secret to eating better while on the road is cooking as many meals as you can in your truck… Whatever you do, avoid the buffet!” – Bob Haubrick, Owner-Operator
  • “Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you in return.” – Dennis Small, Company Driver

What International Trucks Is Doing With the Feedback

The team at International took the feedback from drivers seriously and implemented some high-level features and technology to ensure that their needs were addressed. We put these ideas into action with DriverFirst™ in the following ways:


Enhancing Safety

Safety is a high priority for many drivers. They want their truck to be safe to operate and trusted to perform. Fortunately, International trucks have plenty of features and innovations that make safety a top priority:

  • Increased safety with RollTek seats
  • First to market with Bendix® Wingman® Dusion™ collision mitigation
  • Improved forward visibility
  • Enhanced visibility with LED headlights

Improving Comfort

Just as important as safety is comfort. You want to be comfortable in your truck so that you can put more of a focus on driving and less on getting settled in. International trucks have a strong focus on ergonomics and features that’ll support the needs of many drivers:

  • Low noise vibration & harshness with the N13 engine
  • Industry-leading ride
  • Studying physical needs of drivers

Optimizing Productivity

To allow your small or large business to succeed, we’ve optimized productivity in our International trucks. That way, you can save both time and money while increasing productivity:

  • Industry-leading remote diagnostics with OnCommand™ Connection
  • First to market with over-the-air programming
  • Improved serviceability

Creating Efficiency

Keeping up with the theme of growing your business, you can count on International trucks to be impressively fuel-efficient. High-quality engineering was utilized in International trucks to allow them to be incredibly efficient:

  • Class-leading aerodynamics with ProStar®
  • Predictive cruise control
  • Evaluating drivetrain technologies

Experience DriverFirst™ With an International Truck Today!

With so much to appreciate in an International truck, are you ready to experience one for yourself today? Visit one of our various locations and we’ll be more than happy to help. At International Used Truck Centers, we promise to help your business thrive and provide you with excellent customer service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance!

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