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International® eMV™ Series

Introducing the revolutionary International® Electric MV™ series, specifically designed to be just what you need for your fleet – because we thought about more than the vehicle itself. We thought about the entire ecosystem.

More uptime. More Capability. More safety and styling. Done just right.



The new eMV™ Series suits any straight rail application* and with a vehicle performance of 335 hp and battery capacity of 135 miles the new eMV is ready to help you get the job done, no matter what job comes your way. And its new thoughtful design with improved visibility through sloped hood and breakaway mirrors provides additional safety for your crew.


Built on the same proven foundation we use in our diesel MV, we made some key placement changes including the batteries and battery controller; the motor controller and motor; the radiator and Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS); as well as the air tanks and air bag suspension .

Key features of the new eMV include:

  • 210kWh battery pack
  • 135 mile range
  • Electric drive motor
  • Industry leading 3 levels of regen braking
  • AC/DC charging and capability with up to 125kWh DC fast charge
  • VTG capability and a new full digital display

Electric Semi Truck Maintenance

You may already be aware that an electric semi requires less maintenance than a truck that runs on gasoline. Why is this the case? An electric motor consists of fewer parts than a gasoline combustion engine, so there’s less that can go wrong on the road in — and fewer service appointments to schedule. Plus, regenerative braking technology helps to conserve brake components and reduce brake service frequency. Here’s what you can look forward to when you hit the roads in an electric semi:

  • No engine oil maintenance
  • No transmission maintenance
  • No fuel filters
  • No turbos, no EGR, no Injectors
  • No engine air filters, no MAF, no O2
  • No aftertreatment

eMV Interior


Implementing Your MV Electric Fleet

We know that many business owners and truck drivers have questions about where and when an electric semi truck can be charged en route, how it will save money over time, and more. That’s why we’ll work with you in conjunction with Navistar’s NEXT eMobility Solutions to create your customized electric semi solution. We’ll evaluate everything from route simulations to available tax assistance to provide you with the data you need to successfully electrify your fleet.

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