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LT Inventory

Driver-Centric. Business-Centric.

At International Used Truck Centers, we are committed to keeping drivers on the road with increased UpTime.
Check out the following LT Series videos including specs and mechanical tips.


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International® LT® Series
Episode 1

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International® LT® Series
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International® LT® Series
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International® LT® Series
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Less Talk. More Uptime. Connectivity, Service, Parts


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The HVAC system is all new and re-engineered from the ground up to provide best-in-class reliability – proven through extensive field testing.

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™, collision mitigation technology which integrates camera and radar technologies, is now standard on the LT® Series. Along with following distance, impact and stationary object alerts, Wingman® Fusion™ delivers more features, a higher level of performance and lower false alert/interventions. Full stability technology — via Bendix® ESP — is also part of the Fusion™ system.

Access Granted

Many features of the LT® Series are designed for easy service. Bulbs can be replaced without tools. Interior fasteners are visible and accessible. The fuse panel is located in the passenger side dash for easy access.

LED Headlamps

Long-lasting LED lights improve night vision with their best-in-class light pattern and intensity. Polycarbonate lenses resist impacts and fit tight to the hood for reduced vibration and bulb longevity.

Remote Diagnostics

OnCommand™ Connection allows fleet managers to remotely monitor more than 130 vehicle health checks. By spotting needed repairs early, you can avoid surprises and reduce unplanned service visits.

Largest Dealer Network

International® offers the largest and best dealer network in the area.

Improved Wiring

Cab wiring is more reliable with newly designed harnesses, improved termination and a new robust in-cab power distribution module.

Front Bumper

Cab wiring is more reliable with newly designed harnesses, improved termination and a new robust in-cab power distribution module.

Improved Efficiency

The Eaton Endurant transmission includes an oil level sensor, to prevent transmission damage if oil level is low. The 750,000 mile fluid drain interval is best-in-class, improving uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Fuel-Efficiency: Aerodynamics, Powertrain, Weight


Fuel-Efficient Powertrain

The LT® Series with the International® A26, Eaton AMT, and Lightweight design deliver up to 9% fuel economy improvement*.

Improved Aerodynamics

We improved the aerodynamic contours of the hood, fenders, wheel openings and chassis skirts. We minimized trim and sealed portions of the hood. A new aero-enhanced three-piece bumper and contoured pedestal mirrors complete the profile.

Tested and Retested

We produced industry-leading aerodynamics through an intensive program, including scale wind tunnel testing, full-scale wind tunnel testing, and coast-down testing.

Less Talk. More Uptime. Connectivity, Service, Parts


By Drivers, For Drivers

To develop the LT ® Series, we listened and learned from hundreds of drivers, leading to design improvements that helped us create a truck that drivers want to drive.

Column Shifter

The new shifter is mounted on the steering column, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

A Better View

New one-piece windows allow for more unobstructed side views and better placement of the cab and hood mirrors.

More Space

We increased elbow room, hip room and legroom. For better comfort, we adjusted the armrest height. To improve entry and egress, we increased the door’s opening angle.

Everything Within Reach

We positioned displays and controls for intuitive, easy-to-reach operation. We even relocated the air horn based on driver feedback.

A Comfortable Climate

Defrost performance is best in class. Redesigned vents improve airflow throughout the cabin and circulate more heat in cold weather. Drivers may close side vents fully, avoiding cold hands when the system is on.

Instrument Panel

The LT® Series’ all-new premium gauge cluster ensures optimal legibility under varying conditions. Digital gauges display real-time fuel economy and keep important alerts within clear sight. Switches are grouped by frequency of use.

Peaceful Ride

Improved door seals reduce wind noise for a quieter cabin.

Safety Options

The option for RollTek® seats, the advanced side-roll airbag protection system, provides drivers with even more confidence.

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