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Semi Truck Payment Calculator

Discover How to Calculate a Lease Payment or Loan Payment

Whether you have picked out the perfect certified pre-owned or used truck, or want to purchase wholesale, you’ll need to know how to calculate a loan payment to ensure the truck you’re eyeing fits within your budget. The semi truck payment calculator at International Used Truck Centers makes estimating your monthly lease payments or loan payments quick and easy. Determine your purchase price for your used Cascadia or used ProStar above, and then reach out to a International Used Truck Centers location if you have questions about your estimate!


Payment Details

Estimated Amount Financed:
Does not include Sales Tax and Fees

Simple Steps to Calculate a Loan Payment

Calculating your semi truck payment is a fast and straightforward process. You’ll simply need to input your:

  • Trade-in Value- Use our trade-in calculator to estimate the value of the truck you’re trading in and put that toward your next truck purchase.
  • Down Payment- The amount you have set aside in cash to apply to your truck purchase.
  • Interest Rate- This can vary depending on your credit score.
  • Loan Term- The span of time you’ll be making loan payments.

Once these fields are complete, simply hit the “Calculate Payments” button and see your loan payment estimate. You can continue to customize the fields until you land upon a payment plan and truck that meet your needs. 

Find Out More About Truck Buying With International Used Truck Centers!

Have any questions about the estimated loan interest or lease payments for your used truck? Contact us for financing help — or if you’re ready to make a purchase at your calculated payment estimate.

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