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Truck Maintenance Tips

From International Used Truck Centers


The Rolling Rig

Whether you are looking to take better care of your truck in general, or for more specific maintenance tips on brakes, tires, and more International Used Truck Centers has you covered. Keep a worry-free truck with these tips!

Winter Truck Prep

Prepare Your Truck for Winter

For most trucks, winter preparation is a necessity. Even if you’re driving through the South, you want to make sure your International or Kenworth is ready for harsh weather at a moment’s notice…

Tire Selection

Tire Selection & Maintenance

Tires are the hardest working part of your truck. Before you choose just any old tire set, you need to consider a few factors, including your truck’s application, size, and the terrain you drive on…

Brake Maintenance


Brakes are a vehicle’s most important safety feature. Services like brake pad maintenance, inspections, fluid flushes, and hose replacement are essential to keeping you and others safe on the road…

Summer Truck Maintenance

Summer Semi Truck Maintenance

Extreme heat can affect the performance, safety, and reliability of your used semi truck in a number of ways. You’ll want to inspect every key aspect of your truck and decide whether it’s good to go or needs service…

pre-owned 2015 international prostar 122 6x4 white exterior sleeper parked in lot

Recommended Semi Truck Tire Pressure

To keep your livelihood running at its best all experts recommend proper semi-truck tire maintenance. But few may know the real benefits of the correct semi truck tire pressure, and fewer may know its importance…

Mechanic with Semi Truck

Semi-Truck Transmission Fluid and Repair

Whether you’re driving in a team from coast to coast or trailering locally around, knowing the basics of semi-truck transmission repair will keep your rig running smoothly and on time…

Semi Truck Tire with Chains

Semi-Truck Tire Chains Guide

Semi truck tire chains can be a hassle, but it’s a great idea for any trucker to know how they work when it comes time to prepare for winter. International Used Truck Centers covers chaining semi truck tires…

Semi Truck Mechanic

Semi-Synthetic Oil

In today’s market, understanding the different types of semi truck oil can be quite the task. There are conventional oils, synthetic oils, and plenty of options in between. Truckers often ask…

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