2022 Carb Emissions Regulations

August 18, 2022

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Starting in 2022, the California Air Resources Board and the EPA will have different emissions warranty requirements. Two new CARB emissions regulations have been approved: the Advanced Clean Truck rule and Omnibus Low NOx.

California drivers will feel the impact of these new warranty requirements first, but a number of states currently under CARB rules are considering the change, as well. Get the details on the latest CARB emissions regulations in this guide from International Used Truck Center!

Moving Toward a Greener Trucking Industry

Known as ACT, the Advanced Clean Truck rule was designed to boost the development of technologies that make electric trucks more cost-effective. It requires manufacturers to sell a percentage of electric vehicles by 2024, while gradually reducing sales of internal combustion engine trucks until their total elimination in 2040.

What about states that aren’t under CARB emissions regulations? Rather than adopting ACT and the Low NOx regulations, some states have signed the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)—signaling their commitment to a fuel-free future for trucking. The joint effort will involve input from communities, public health experts, organized labor, utilities, businesses, manufacturers, and environmental groups.

New Warranty Requirements

The Omnibus Low NOx regulation has been in effect since January 2022, requiring .05 g/bhp-hr in 2024 and .02 g/bhp-hr in 2027 and new emission warranty requirements.

Under the new CARB regulations, the standards for registering a truck in California will grow steeper over the next few years. Here’s how EPA and CARB emissions regulations will diverge over the next few years:

Emissions Warranty

2021 2022 2024 2027


60 mo./100K

60 mo./350K

60 mo./350K

60 mo./450K

EPA 60 mo./100K 60 mo./100K 60 mo./100K


How to Get Your Clean Idle Certification

Once certified by CARB, trucks will qualify for a CARB Clean Idle Certification sticker. The easiest way to comply with the Advanced Clean Truck rule and CARB Omnibus Low NOx

Regulations is to purchase a truck that is already 50-state compliant. Any model powered by an International A26 engine is ready to go as long as the CARB-compliant base warranty is applied!

If you order a truck with a Cummins engine, you can obtain a Clean Idle Certification by adding the CARB-compliant base warranty and making sure that you order the CARB-compliant version of that engine.

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