Customer’s General Operation Questions

September 17, 2020

Uncle Al's Tech Tips of the Week

The information in this tech tip is to educate UTC staff and ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Over the years, whether training in the field or from home office supporting our sales staff, there is contact from customers requesting general information about their truck. The customer’s instinct is to call UTC first, as they already have a personal relationship with the UTC staff, before engaging the Dealer.

Examples : interpreting a dash indicator, maintenance intervals or operational questions.

A high percentage of the general answers to the customer’s questions are found in the truck model operator’s manual. These manuals are approximately 120 pages with a boat load of information. A driver may not sit down and read every page; however with access to the manual they’re more inclined to research a specific area in the index before contacting an OSR or dealer.

If the used truck doesn’t have the original manual, all of our model Operator’s manuals can be accessed through service portal under the “master service information” section and can be downloaded as a PDF. I recommend putting the manual PDF on a flash drive for customers at the time of truck purchase.

For added accessibility, within the UTO share point (under “shared documents” and “training information”/ “Al Hertzog”) I created a folder called “manuals”. It contains PDF files of the common International truck operator manuals that are on your lot, ready for you to download and share.

Note: Attached are the Prostar and LT operator’s manuals for you to share and review.

As always, UTO staff can contact me 7 days a week to help a customer.

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