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Eaton Transmission Performance & Info

LT Truck Driving

Regardless of whether you’re interested in an Eaton Fuller transmission or a Endurant Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), you can experience the advanced design and added control built into every model. Learn more about Eaton transmissions, and then experience one for yourself by getting into the driver’s seat of a truck from our inventory.

Endurant Automated Manual Transmission

The Endurant AMT can be had on a variety of LT trucks found within the International Used Truck Centers inventory. Currently it’s the lightest and most efficient heavy-duty transmission on the market that is 1,850 lb-ft of peak torque– 105 pounds lighter than equivalent AMT and 207 pounds lighter than the Fuller Advantage® AMT. Other benefits include:

  • Integrated engine & transmission communication
  • Intuitive shift strategies for smooth performance
  • Standard 8-bolt PTO mounting location
  • Predictive shifting maximizes fuel economy along with driver comfort
  • Integrated with GearLogic™ intelligent technology
  • Oil drain intervals of 750,000 miles (50 percent longer than the Ultrashift Plus)
Eaton Cummins Transmission

Eaton Transmission & the Benefits of GearLogic® Technology 

While exact features may vary per model, Eaton transmissions include GearLogic® technology to increase performance and fuel economy. Some of these features include:

  • Hill Start Aid- If the incline grade exceeds the pre-programed threshold, this feature ensures the foundation brakes hold the truck to avoid rolling back and allow for a controlled launch.
  • Auto Neutral- Prevents unintended movement by shifting the transmission into neutral when the parking brake is engaged.
  • Engine Overspeed Protection- Prevents overspeed in Drive, Manual, and Low by upshifting.
  • Enhanced Engine Braking- Uses downshifting to boost brake pad life and slow your truck on long, steep descents.
  • Load-Based Shifting- Picks the appropriate starting gear and continues to make gear changes based on vehicle weight, engine torque, throttle position, and grade.
  • Urge to Move- Much like in a car, you can release the brake pedal to inch forward.
  • Predictive Shifting- Look-ahead technology allows for shifting that improves fuel economy.
  • Creep Mode- Allows you to move slowly for short distances.
  • Neutral Coast- Disengages the driveline on short downhill distances to help save fuel.
  • Smart Gear Selection- Makes the most efficient changes based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position, including skip shifting.

Experience the Difference of an Eaton Transmission Today!

Whether you want help choosing between the Eaton Fuller transmission or the Endurant AMT, or you want to find a vehicle equipped with your ideal combination of GearLogic® features, you can turn to the associates at International Used Truck Centers. Reach out to us today, or visit one of our many locations today!

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