International Trucks Celebrates 1 Million Electric Miles

November 20, 2023

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Whether your company hauls dirt, supplies, tools, or food around and beyond, saving the environment and saving your refueling costs go hand-in-hand. That’s why International Trucks is celebrating 1 million electric miles driven, saving 800 metric tons of carbon emissions, as of late 2023. 

These are from mostly medium-duty trucks for box trucks and delivery applications, but bucket trucks and dry freight cargo hauling are in the mix, too. Find out what International Trucks is doing in the electric semi-truck segment as the industry looks to lower emissions and fuel costs for your fleet in .

Are There Electric Semi-Trucks on the Way?

Electric semi-trucks from International Trucks are a possibility in the future. The manufacturer has committed to producing 50% of new vehicle sales with zero-emissions trucks by 2030 and 100% of new vehicle sales by 2040. Partners like Navistar are helping International Trucks move forward with this lofty goal.

This goal for electric semi-trucks starts with the medium-duty trucks that have performed well during research and development and practical, real-world applications. International Trucks is taking a collaborative approach by consulting with fleet owners to assess their requirements, building charging infrastructure to foster electric semi-truck growth, and helping all stakeholders stay connected during the development process.

Are There Electric Semi-Trucks on the Road Now?

By the end of 2021, it was estimated there were 4,000 electric semi-trucks on American roads. That will change in the coming years as battery technology improves and more investments drive costs down. Incentives, like those found in California where smog from diesel fuel is a major air pollutant, will certainly help to convert fleets to electric semi-trucks. The road will be long and many stakeholders will participate. But we hope there are electric semi-trucks by the millions when 2040 rolls around. An electric semi-truck with a range of 375 miles would lower the total costs of ownership by 13% versus a diesel truck as it stands in 2023. That figure will only improve as costs come down.

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