LT Features and Benefits

January 30, 2021

Uncle Al's Tech Tips of the Week

The information in this tech tip is to educate UTC staff and ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Reviewing many of the LT product’s features and benefits, I’ve selected 10 product points.


  1. The Hood & Body – The LT Series was designed to deliver the lowest possible amount of aerodynamic drag across all conditions by minimizing the wind average drag coefficient.  You’ll notice all the surfaces of the LT series are rounded, which is a key technique for reducing drag in crosswinds. The LT is 7% more aerodynamic than the Prostar. Competitive vehicles with straighter and more squared edges are less optimized for cross wind performance.
  2. Headlights– New standard LED headlights deliver best in class brightness.  They’re 40% brighter than ProStar, with a consistent long, wide, and even light pattern.  Halogen headlights are also available providing 25% more light on the road than ProStar. Both systems use polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant and don’t cloud over time.
  3. Mirrors– The standard heated, power, breakaway pedestal mirror design equates to 0.5% better fuel economy and 12 % lower neck turn angle, delivering  aerodynamic and visibility benefits.   Reduced defrost time gets drivers on the road faster and keeps them there safely.  Mirror glass can be replaced with no tools .
  4. Bumper- The LT’s 3 piece bumper was created to reduce service and repair costs.  It’s entirely made of composite and doesn’t require a steel brace behind it, reducing weight, eliminating corrosion, and increasing foot space for mechanics to service the vehicle.
  5. Aftertreatment– The single canister design is very compact, weighing approximately 100 lbs. less than the ProStar’s switchback system. The service time to remove and clean the DPF is approximately 80% lower than a switchback system, reducing service costs and down time.


  1. Driver’s Seat-Put your left arm on the door and feel how comfortable the arm rest is, with its ergonomically sculpted contours.   Notice the large single pane windshield and pedestal mirrors.  Excellent visibility is afforded by these features, and the mirrors are placed such that neck turn angles are reduced 15% over c-loop mirrors on the driver side.  This reduces driver neck strain and fatigue while optimizing safety.
  2. Steering Wheel – All buttons are backlit for night visibility and laser etched so text such as ISO symbols won’t wear off.  This makes it easy to operate hands free phone or cruise control functions.
  3. Premium Gauge Cluster – All necessary driver communications such as road speed, tach engine functions and alerts are located in one area.  Along with the standard 6 analog gauges it also has a 5 inch LCD screen that can be customized to display available information with the pagination switch. The screen has dedicated areas for ambient temperature, gear selection, transmission information, odometer, safety systems, fault codes, battery voltage and optional virtual gauges.
  4. Shifter Stalk — This style shifter has been used for years in earth-moving equipment and offers many benefits in the LT.  The stalk shifter includes functionality for gear selection, up and down shifting, and engine braking in one intuitive control.
  5. HVAC system—  Here you’ll see automotive style controls with an additional max defrost button.  Press that button and the system automatically adjusts to max heat, max blower, and directs air flow to the windows.   LT Series HVAC defrost performance is best in class, defrosting all windows long before the competition, allowing your driver to get on the road faster and safer.

Alan Hertzog

UTO Training Manager

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