Five Tips for Women in Truck Driving

May 10, 2024

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Is truck driving a good career for a woman? Though the trucking industry is undeniably male-dominated, that doesn’t mean that women can’t thrive. Like male truck drivers, many female drivers love the flexibility and the independence of a career on the road. However, there are quite a few things to consider before making a career switch. Find out some tips for women in truck driving to keep safe, secure, and content in your new line of work. 

Staying Safe at Truck Stops

Truck stops were designed to give drivers a place to refuel, recharge, and relax. But the reality of the situation is that truck stops can also be dangerous places, especially for women traveling alone. Many women in truck driving opt to avoid truck stops at night entirely. However, you can also take steps to give yourself the best advantages possible. Keep your bunk curtains closed and consider adding a team driving sticker on your truck. It’s also common for women in truck driving to carry self-protection as added security.

Managing Hygiene on the Go

Maintaining good hygiene is important for any gender, but it can be particularly tricky for women. Some truck facilities are unable – or unwilling – to cater to the needs of female drivers. As a result, we recommend putting together a small bag of female truck driver essentials. This can include the basics like deodorant and menstrual supplies, but also emergency options like baby wipes and a spare cup in case nature calls.

Building Community with Other Women

One of the most valuable resources is other women on the roads. Try to reach out to fellow women in truck driving around and to get a better understanding of the demands of the road. Other truck drivers can tell you about the issues they’ve faced, as well as advice that they’ve gathered over the years. You can also try reaching out to organizations like Women in Trucking, which can help you network and find mentorship.

Choosing the Right Carrier

Is truck driving a good career for a woman? The answer could be yes or no, depending on your carrier. Do some research before you sign with a carrier, and make sure that their company culture aligns with your values. Not all organizations are the same, but there are always great opportunities available for women in truck driving if you do some digging. 

Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance

Choosing the right carrier is also important when considering your work-life balance. This can be particularly important for mothers, who may not want the commitment of long-haul trucking. Speak with your fleet manager or leader to let them know your expectations. You might prefer to work toward only local jobs or maintain more consistent hours. There are likely options available, but you have to make your needs clear.

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