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February 10, 2024

Trucker's Corner

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Springtime heralds a bustling period for the trucking industry, marked by a series of vibrant events that cater to professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses alike. From expos showcasing cutting-edge technology to conferences offering valuable insights, these gatherings provide opportunities for networking, education, and discovery. Here are some key events and trucking industry expos that you simply can’t afford to miss:

Work Truck Week

March 5-8, Indianapolis, IN

Work Truck Week, hosted by NTEA, is a cornerstone event for the trucking industry, boasting a rich legacy spanning over two decades. This comprehensive expo encompasses the highly anticipated Work Truck Show, Green Truck Summit, and Educational Sessions. Attendees have the chance to engage directly with OEMs, forge new connections, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in products and technology. Whether you’re interested in sustainability initiatives at the Green Truck Summit or eager to explore new truck models at the Work Truck Show exhibition, Work Truck Week offers a plethora of opportunities to immerse yourself in the industry.

Mid-America Trucking Show

March 21 – 23, Louisville, KY – Visit us in Booth 18217!

The Mid-America Trucking Show is a premier trucking industry event that brings together thousands of truck drivers, fleet managers, and business owners for three days of education, networking, and innovation. Featuring demonstrations of cutting-edge products and solutions, along with expert speeches, this event provides invaluable insights into consumer preferences and industry trends. It’s also an excellent platform for dealerships to showcase their offerings and establish meaningful connections with potential clients.

Accelerate! Conference & Expo

November 10-13, Dallas, TX

Hosted by the Women in Trucking Association, the Accelerate! Conference & Expo is a dynamic event that convenes dealers, manufacturers, consumers, and industry professionals. Renowned leaders in the field deliver insightful presentations on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to sales and marketing strategies. This conference offers an exceptional opportunity for dealers to engage with women across the industry and explore the latest product exhibits and solutions.

Used Truck Association Convention

November 13-16, Orlando, FL – Come visit our booth!

The Used Truck Association Convention stands as the largest event for professionals in the used truck industry across North America. This highly anticipated conference features an array of educational sessions covering sales, operations, economic trends, and other critical topics tailored specifically for used truck dealers. Attendees also have the chance to participate in hands-on workshops, vendor expos, and various activities geared toward enhancing industry knowledge and expertise.

Keep an Eye on Events for Trucking Companies with International Used Truck Center

As the trucking industry events season unfolds, be sure to seize the exciting opportunities presented by these gatherings. In the meantime, maximize your event experience by checking out our insightful blog on navigating and optimizing your presence at trucking industry expos, trade shows, and other events for trucking companies near and beyond !

Additional Events and Expos to Help Your Trucking Company


4/21 – 4/24/2024

Public Driving Schools/College

Reno, NV Come Visit Our Booth!

Last Miles Summit

4/28 – 4/30/2024

Amazon & FedEx

Fairmont Dallas, TX


5/1 – 5/3/2024

Private Driving Schools/Fleets

Dallas, TX Come Visit Our Booth!

Postal Forum

6/2 – 6/5/2024

Mail Contractors

Indianapolis, IN Come Visit Our Booth!

Home Delivery Show

6/5 – 6/6/2024

Amazon & FedEx

Philadelphia, PA Come Visit Our Booth!

Texas Trucking Show


Owner Operators

Houston, TX Come Visit Our Booth!

Route Consultant

8/2 – 8/4/2024

Amazon & FedEx

Dallas, TX


8/3 – 8/7/2024

Mail Contractors

Orlando, FL Come Visit Our Booth!

Landstar BCO


Owner Operators


National Van Lines

11/6 – 11/8/2024

Moving & Storage

Las Vegas, NV Come Visit Our Booth!

And More

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