What Size Is A Semi Truck Mattress?

March 30, 2021

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Rather than pay for a room, many semi truck drivers opt for a sleeper cab to save time and money on the road. But what size is a semi truck mattress, and where can you get the right mattress for your sleeper cab? While there’s no standard semi truck mattress size, the majority are around 80 inches long and 40 inches wide. That said, semi truck mattress dimensions will vary greatly depending on your make and model. Find out what semi truck mattress size you need with the guide below from International Used Truck Centers.

What Semi Truck Mattress Size Do I Need?

What size is a semi truck mattress for most sleeper cabs? With so many semi truck models on the market, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your semi truck mattress. While some models may use the same size mattress, many have their own unique specifications — and things get even more complicated when you venture into custom cab territory. Keep these points in mind as you start shopping for a semi truck sleeper mattress:

  • The thickness of the mattress usually won’t matter, but you’ll need the exact length and width.
  • While it’s possible that a standard size mattress will fit inside your truck, many require a semi truck mattress made specifically for sleeper cabs.
  • Use our guide below to find the right semi truck mattress, or check your owner’s manual for the correct specs.

Semi Truck Sleeper Mattress Sizes

Wondering about the best semi truck mattress for your sleeper? Below, we’ve listed the proper semi truck sleeper mattress size for some popular models from International, Kenworth, and more:


International LT

  • 56″ Sleeper – 36×80
  • 73″ Sleeper Lower – 42×80
  • 73″ Sleeper Upper – 33.2×80

International ProStar+

  • 56″ Sleeper – 36×80
  • 73″ Sleeper Lower – 42×80
  • 73″ Sleeper Upper – 33.2×80

International 9900i

  • 51″ Low Roof or 51″/72″ Hi Rise Sleeper – 36×80
  • Sky Rise Sleeper Lower – 37×80
  • Sky Rise Sleeper Upper – 30×86


  • Kenworth T2000 and T680 38×80
  • Other Kenworth Models – 42×80


  • Volvo VNL 400 – 36×75
  • Volvo VNL 740 39×81
  • Volvo VNL 760 39×81
  • Volvo VNL 860 42×79


  • Peterbilt Unibilt Ultra Sleeper – 51×75
  • Peterbilt 397 and 587 Mid Roof – 32×79
  • Peterbilt 397 and 587 High Roof – 42×80

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