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January 23, 2023

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If you’re a semi truck driver, you know that every minute of uptime counts. Ending up on a road that can’t accommodate the height or weight of your truck can mean that you lose hours finding a better route. To address this issue, many drivers use a special truck GPS that prioritizes long-distance hauls and has special functions that you won’t find on a typical car GPS. So, which is the best truck GPS for your needs? We break down the pros and cons of our top picks, below.

How We Evaluated Truck GPS Systems

We considered a range of factors when testing truck GPS systems, from price to specialty features. We tested popular brands, like the Rand McNally and Garmin truck GPS systems, alongside lesser-known products. We also placed heavy weight on feedback from drivers who’d actually used the products on short, medium, and long hauls.

Our Top 5 Truck GPS Systems

Best Truck GPS Overall: Garmin dēzl™ 580 LMT-S

Garmin’s truck GPS system is the top overall choice in our contest, and it’s worth the investment if you have the budget for it. Built-in Wi-Fi, voice control, external memory, and Bluetooth come standard — but the most impressive feature is a routing system that automatically selects the best route for your truck’s size and weight. The 5-inch screen is smaller than some other truck GPS options, but may not be a dealbreaker for most drivers.

Best Truck GPS With a Large Touchscreen: SIXGO HD 9-Inch Touchscreen Truck GPS

The SIXGO is a great pick if you prefer the visibility of a large touchscreen. Although it doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi receptor or wireless smartphone compatibility, it can create custom routes based on the size of your truck and comes with voice assistance and navigation.

Best Premium Truck GPS: Rand McNally TND 740

The Rand McNally truck GPS costs more than other options on this list, but it can route your hauls with a granular level of detail that no other system can match. Input your coordinates, and it will calculate multiple route options — and even estimate how much you’ll spend on fuel. If you’re looking for ways to use less fuel, this is the one to get.

Best Value Truck GPS: TomTom Trucker 620 GPS Navigation

If you’re looking for a system that costs less than a Rand McNally or Garmin truck GPS, the TomTom Trucker 620 is a solid pick. It’s compatible with Siri and Google Now and can help you to select routes without weight restrictions or low bridges. Another perk: because it’s pre-loaded with maps of Canada and the U.S., you can still navigate in no-service areas. However, some reviewers didn’t like that its relatively short battery life required constant charging.

Also Great: Garmin dēzl™ 770LMTHD Truck GPS

If you like the features of the 5-inch Garmin truck GPS but find its screen to be too small, the 770LMTHD is the 7-inch version. We like that it provides voice navigation, maintenance reminders, and real-time weather and traffic updates. However, some drivers may find it inconvenient to pair it with a smartphone in order to access live updates.

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