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Safe Truck Driving Tips

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Commit to safer driving when behind the wheel of your certified pre-owned or used truck, as it is one of the most important things you can do. Not only are you keeping yourself safe – but you are also keeping all your fellow drivers from harm. Whether you are going on a short trip around , or taking a longer cruise from , you should always keep the below list in the back of your mind:

  • Look After Your Truck
  • Stay Aware
  • Drive Slow in Work Areas
  • Be Smart Loading and Unloading Cargo
  • Take Care of Number 1

Truck Driving Tips to Help Increase Your Safety on the Road

  • Look After Your Truck: A poorly maintained truck is one that should not be trusted, so be sure you are following your recommended service intervals to ensure every part of your vehicle from your brake pads to the lights and the battery works when you need them to. Before extended trips on the road you should also make pre-trip safety expectations. This will help prevent setbacks and avoid emergencies like immediate tire replacement and dead batteries.
  • Stay Aware: When behind the wheel of your truck you should always remain vigilant. React as fast as you can to unexpected situations or road users who may not understand how commercial trucks operate on the road. This includes stopping distance and turning corners. You should scan about 15 seconds ahead of you and check your mirrors every 10 seconds.
  • Drive Slow in Work Areas: When driving through a work zone, it is quite possible that there will be more presented hazards than usual. This can include uneven surfaces, moving workers, sudden stops, and more. Be sure to slow down, obey all signs and signals, and keep a sharp eye out for work crews. Maintain additional space on the road between you and workers and you and other vehicles as you can.
  • Be Smart Loading and Unloading Cargo: If you load or unload one side of your truck more than the other side, your vehicle may begin to handle a bit more unpredictable. If you stack your cargo too high, you can also create drag and lose some of your maneuverability. If your cargo is not properly secured, it may shift during transit and cause you to lose control. Be sure to keep your load even whether you are loading or unloading, keep your cargo stacked at a reasonable height, and always secure your cargo down properly!
  • Take Care of Number 1: Your ability to drive well and driving is only ever as good as you are. So be sure to get enough sleep before hitting the road, eat right, and take plenty of breaks to stretch your body and recharge. If you ever feel fatigued when driving do not push through it.

Find Additional Truck Driving Tips from International Used Truck Centers!

The team at International Used Truck Centers near is always happy to chat about additional truck driving tips and truck maintenance as we introduce drivers to our used vehicle inventory. If you need any additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact us online, or come into one of our many locations!

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