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Straight Truck Dimensions & Sizes

International MV Truck

When it comes to picking the right truck for your business, you need to know what straight truck dimensions are required for your hauling needs. Whether you’re crossing the country or heading to the next town, the proper straight truck size can help you get there with all your cargo. Learn more about the straight truck inside dimensions below, and then connect with us at International Used Truck Centers for help specing your next straight truck at one of our nation-wide locations!

What are Typical Straight Truck Sizes?

When looking at straight truck dimensions that can easily manage your business needs, there are typically six straight truck sizes to choose from within the United States ranking from 12 ft to 26 ft. These are the options we tend to carry at International Used Truck Center:

  • 18-ft straight truck
  • 22-ft straight truck
  • 24-ft straight truck
  • 26-ft straight truck

What are the Straight Truck Inside Dimensions?

Even if you pick a similar straight truck size what exactly it can do depends on the particular brand and model. As a general guideline however, here’s what you can expect from various points in the straight truck dimensions:

12-ft Straight Truck Capabilities

  • Seating- 2 
  • Cargo Capacity- 380 cubic feet
  • Payload Capacity – 3,610 pounds

16-ft Straight Truck Capabilities

  • Seating- 3 
  • Cargo Capacity- 960 cubic feet
  • Payload Capacity – Up to 7,500 pounds

26-ft Straight Truck Capabilities

  • Seating- 3
  • Cargo Capacity- 1,800 cubic feet
  • Payload Capacity- Up to 10,000 pounds

While these are generalizations, they give you an idea of where you should start looking to find the right straight truck size. If you need additional help finding information about specific truck makes and models, or aren’t sure what size truck your business needs, the truck experts at International Used Truck Centers are available to talk through your options within our inventory.

Explore Straight Truck Dimensions at One of Our Locations

If viewing a straight truck’s inside dimensions in person would help you make your decision, feel free to schedule an appointment at one of our nationwide locations— like Shreveport, LA. The team at International Used Truck Centers can show you examples of the straight truck sizes you’re considering so that you can find the right one for your cargo-carrying needs!

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