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What’s a Straight Truck

International Durastar

If you’re browsing a used truck inventory to get started as a trucker or improve your rig, you may have come across a category of truck known as a straight truck. So, what is a straight truck, and is it useful for truckers? International Used Truck Centers explores the straight truck definition and the uses for different types of straight trucks below!

Straight Trucks vs. Tractor Trailers

So, what is a straight truck compared to a tractor trailer? When most drivers think about trucking jobs, they are thinking about tractor trailers. The major difference in the straight truck definition is that a straight truck does not allow for removable trailers to be attached. Instead, it operates with a permanently attached box. This leads to a few general differences between straight trucks and tractor trailers:

What is a Straight Truck & How is it Different from Tractor Trailers?

  • Frame: As noted above, straight trucks have their box attached to their axles permanently.
  • Weight: Most straight trucks will not be able to carry loads above 26,000 pounds. Tractor trailers are capable of more.
  • License Requirements: Because they carry less weight, straight truck drivers don’t need to get a CDL license. This is a major perk of straight trucks!
  • Earnings: Want to get a job as a straight truck driver? The average straight truck driver salary is $30,000. Usually, trucks start lower and they can bump that salary higher with the right opportunities.

Uses for Straight Trucks

So now we can answer the question, “What is a straight truck,” with a straight truck definition, but how do people use it? Straight trucks come in all shapes and sizes, from UHauls to dumpster trucks. Here are some reasons why people choose straight trucks:

  • Are freight trucks straight trucks?: If a freight truck that has a payload over 10,000 pounds can be considered a straight truck.
  • Travel distances: Many straight truck drivers don’t have a lot of overnight obligations and can return home most days. 
  • Other names for straight trucks: Sometimes people refer to straight trucks and box trucks or cube trucks.

Find Straight Trucks with International Used Truck Centers

International Used Truck Centers has built many locations designed to be your stop for all things trucking. Find savings on trucks with our current offers and get more driving tips with our driver’s corner! Go ahead and contact us today with any additional questions!

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