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January 2, 2020

Trucker's Corner

At Trucker’s Corner, you can navigate to topics regarding the trucking industry, lifestyle while on the road, and truck health. International Used Trucks has the information you need to keep you on the Road to Revenue

When you visit one of our dealership locations, our goal is to help you find the perfect used truck to add to your business fleet. However, after finding the perfect truck, we also want to ensure that we’re here for you throughout your truck adventures. Today, we want to go over some semi-truck driving safety tips so that you can stay safe when you’re on the road.

By following our safe driving tips, you’ll not only keep yourself safe when you’re behind the wheel, but you’ll also be helping those around you avoid harm on the roads as well. Whether you’re just going on a short trip or a long adventure, our truck driving safety topics are dedicated to helping you stay secure. Learn more about keys for safe driving today with International Used Truck Center!

Truck Driving Safety Topics to Help Increase Your Safety on the Road

With our selection of trucks and DriverFirst philosophy, you’ll actually enjoy getting into the driver’s seat of your commercial truck. Thanks to our dedication to DriverFirst, we continue to find ways to improve ergonomics, safety, and efficiency so that you can be more attentive and focus on your mission on the road.

Combine our DriverFirst way of thinking with some of the semi-truck driving safety tips we have below and your work drives have never been safer. Let’s take a look at some keys for safe driving when you’re behind the wheel of a commercial truck:

  • Look After Your Truck: One of the most overlooked safe driving tips is maintenance. Your truck rolled off the production line with high-level engineering to ensure that you and those around you are safe. If your truck isn’t maintained properly, you could experience poor performance that can lead to safety issues. Learn about maintenance tips with our team if you’re not sure where to start.
  • Stay Aware: Do your best not to be distracted when you’re behind the wheel. That way, you have enough time to react if an unexpected situation arises. One of the best ways to do this is to be mindful of your stopping distance and wide turns. Stay vigilant and scan about 15 seconds ahead of you as well and check mirrors every 10 seconds or so.
  • Drive Slow in Work Areas: If it’s a construction zone, one of our semi-truck driving safety tips is to ensure that you’re driving slow and cautiously through these areas. Not only will this truck driving safety topic keep those around you safe, but it’ll also ensure that you stay safe as well. These zones are typically hazardous and feature uneven surfaces, sudden stops, and more.
  • Be Smart Loading & Unloading Cargo: If your truck has cargo, take care to load the cargo as evenly as possible. If cargo is stacked too high or improperly secured, it may cause your truck to act unpredictably on the road.
  • Take Care of Number 1, Yourself: An important key for safe driving is to take care of yourself. Be sure you’re well-rested, eating right, and being mindful of when it’s time to rest. If you take care of yourself, your ability to drive well can increase, and most importantly, don’t push it if you’re feeling fatigued when you’re driving.

How DriverFirst Can Keep You Safe

We briefly mentioned our DriverFirst outlook. But, here are some ways DriverFirst can help keep you safe when you’re on the road:

  • Enhanced Safety: Many of our trucks are equipped with features like RollTek seats, enhanced visibility, LED headlights, and more to increase safety.
  • Increased Ergonomics: By providing comfortable trucks, you won’t feel as fatigued when you’re tackling jobs on the road.
  • High-Level Performance: Thanks to the performance our trucks provide, you’ll have plenty of passing power, stopping performance, and more to ensure that you have the ability to maneuver on the highway as easily as possible.

Find Additional Truck Safe Driving Tips from International Used Truck Center!

The team at International Used Truck Center is always happy to chat about additional truck driving tips, DriverFirst, and truck maintenance as we introduce drivers to our comprehensive used vehicle inventory. If you need any additional advice or assistance, feel free to contact us online, or come into one of our many locations!

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