Tips for Hiring a Commercial Vehicle Mechanic

March 31, 2023

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Looking for a commercial vehicle mechanic to service your fleet? We can’t overstate the importance of being able to trust your mechanic 100%—after all, even the best drivers in the business won’t be able to keep your deliveries on track and on time if your vehicles aren’t properly maintained. In the guide below, we cover what you need to know about finding a mechanic with the right certifications and experience for the job.

Partner With a Dealership You Trust

You’ll need to rely on your dealership or OEM to provide you with info about when parts need to be replaced, when specific services are needed, and what is covered by your semi truck warranty. Whether you opt to work with the manufacturer or your dealer, this should be a partnership that you have confidence in.

Do Your Research Early

Don’t wait until your vehicle has a problem on the road—finding the right commercial vehicle mechanic will be more difficult if you don’t have much time. You should already know who you’re going to call if any issues arise. Start your research early on, and ask other fleet managers or drivers if they can recommend a mechanic who focuses on your specific type of truck or van.

Search for and Compare Mechanics

The mechanic you hire should have a commercial mechanical certification for the type of vehicle being serviced—resources like the American Automobile Association (AAA) can be a reliable starting point for your search. Narrow your selection further by visiting mechanics’ shops, where you’ll get a clearer sense of the quality of service they offer.

Consider Hiring a Mobile Mechanic or Tow Service

Finding a commercial vehicle mechanic who’s qualified to service your long-haul truck can be a challenge when you’re on a route and moving between cities. Having a mobile mechanic on hand can be transformative for your business; if something goes wrong on the road, a mechanic will come to your truck no matter where it is stranded. Alternatively, you might invest in a tow truck that can transport vehicles that require repairs and can’t be driven.

Learn More About Commercial Truck Maintenance

Questions about commercial mechanical certifications or opportunities for service technicians? The team at International Used Truck Center is happy to answer all of your truck maintenance questions! Contact us today for more information.

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