Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

December 28, 2020

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Winter Weather

When it comes to winter driving, semi truck drivers have more to worry about than vehicle drivers. From tractor trailer types to payload weight, they must factor in a lot more variables — and the most experienced truck drivers have a solid understanding of skid control, preventative measures, and when it’s best to get off the road. Below, we’ll review some essential safe winter driving tips for truck drivers.

Our Top Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Slow Down

You’d think this one goes without saying, but excessive speed is the number one cause of at-fault accidents. While it may be legal to drive at the speed limit, it’s not safe when roads are covered in ice or snow. If you drive a truck, winter driving tips start and end here: don’t hurry! Your first priority should be to protect yourself, other drivers, and your cargo.

Keep a Safe Buffer Zone

For safe winter driving, semi truck drivers should keep in mind that safety rules for everyday driving are all the more crucial. Just as you do normally, leave plenty of buffer room between your vehicle and others where possible.

Stay Out of Packs

For any kind of semi truck, winter driving tips should always focus on maximizing space around your vehicle. Traffic tends to move in packs on the highway, so pay attention as they form and find a safe way to get away.

Don’t Follow Tail Lights

This is always one of our top winter driving tips for truck drivers. It may seem like a good idea to use the tail lights of the vehicle ahead as a guide, but doing so in heavy snow and low visibility conditions means you won’t see the taillights until you’re too close.

Stow a Bag of Kitty Litter

This is one of our favorite safe winter driving tips for truck drivers (and drivers of other vehicles). Warm truck tires can turn snow into slick ice in the time it takes you to fuel up. Throwing some kitty litter under the wheels gives you wheels the extra traction they ended to get moving!

Warm Up the Windshield

You can’t properly clean the windshield if the cleaning fluid freezes before the wipers can get to it. Warm up the windshield by engaging your defroster for a few minutes before cleaning. Adding a few ounces of antifreeze to your washer fluid reservoir will also help to keep the washer fluid from freezing.

Get More Safe Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

If you found these safe winter driving tips for truck drivers helpful, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at International Used Truck Center is standing by to help you prepare for the challenges of winter driving! Semi truck drivers in the Chicago or Philadelphia area can contact us or visit us to learn more.

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